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John mainly paints coastal scenes, river scenes and landscapes.

He has been painting for about 30 years now and what began innocently enough as an interesting if challenging hobby has in recent years somehow got out of hand. John cannot complain; he simply loves to paint!

Whenever possible John paints "en plein air" and sets up his easel in front of the scene he wants to paint, although for larger pieces he of course has to work in the studio.

John spent his childhood on the Atlantic coast and the love of coastal scenes has never left him. The interaction of light on water, in different seasons, weather conditions and times of day, holds a particular fascination for him and is a recurring feature of his work.

He has had a cottage (and second studio) in the Isles of Scilly since 1990. John also paints wherever he goes overseas, withn annual visits to his beloved Greek Islands- little islands are friendly places with interesting coastal scenery!

His wife trains working retrievers and so he has developed a separate activity in painting working retrievers and spaniels, usually based upon photographs taken in the field.

John has been fortunate to build up a loyal clientele over time and today a substantial portion of his work arises from commissions, both from private individuals, (perhaps painting someone's favourite scene) and from commercial clients such as restaurants and hotels.

He was elected a member of the Buckinghamshire Art Society in 1998 and was Chairman of that society from 2003 to 2005. 

During the winter of 2011/12 he will be holding a series of one day courses "Learn to Paint in Acrylics" at his large studio/gallery in Little Chalfont, Bucks. He can also arrange dinner bed & breakfast accommodation in a beautiful house in a nearby village for those who are travelling from further away. For details see his website at or call him on 01494 763 553. 

Boring stuff about prices and delivery

As an Artist Member of b Gallery some of his work is always to be found displayed there and the prices shown on this website refer to original framed work collected direct from the gallery or from his home. When work has to be despatched by mail or courier please contact him direct before ordering via Paypal so as to arrange how this might best be done. For instance, any work framed under glass will have the glass removed prior to despatch to meet postal or courier conditions of carriage, and /or it is often much more convenient (and cheaper!) to send work unframed ( also, of course, then you can frame it exactly as you wish).