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If I have a style, what style is it? I suppose it falls into the category of ‘abstract expressionism’. I accept that I am very much a ‘schooled’ artist and professionally my work has usually needed to be realistic to most usefully help those I have worked with in therapy. When I work alone it is a different matter. A figurative concept distorts and changes and I find myself improvising. Within my ‘free’ (selfish!) painting I believe that something from deep within me – perhaps my subconscious – is emerging, but there has to be a mixture of free expression, intuition and logic. As the painting is developing I realise that I can perceive from time to time configurations in the ‘playful’ patterning which may latterly be causing me to modify, but I am not aiming to make anything representational, at least, not to my knowledge!
I seek a certain expressive harmony as I throw paint, newspaper pieces, sand, earth, or whatever I have placed beside me. If a part of the painting is ‘right’ I mask that area and work on the rest of the composition until, at some point, the whole painting is entirely ‘right’ and must be left alone. I like my board or canvas to be flat upon the table. I use domestic paint rather than ‘art’ paints as I enjoy their varying textures and unpredictable reactions. I enjoy fingering the paint or using rags. Sometimes I might use a brush but not very often.

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