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                                                 Distintive Photography


                                                     Peter Cleevely GCF

                                                    Ampthill Bedfordshire

Having been involved in Photography for over 45 years covering dark-room processing, portraiture, weddings and family, he now enjoys the creative side of Modern Digital Photography.

Peter's current interests are leaning towards Landscapes and Modern Acitechture and Glass Buildings and a few subjects in between that catch his eye and will make a strong image in the frame.

Photoshop processing of images is all part of the fun of this image making system, as well as good back ground knowledge of camera speeds and aperture settings and the use of Cokin Filters to help produce a stunning image. He likes to think of himself as an image creator that will capture the subject on camera but will think past the taking of the picture to the huge effects and transformations that can be achieved on the PC. This can be simple changes of colour hues, to small or large manipulation of an image by removing or adding parts of the image.

Peter hopes you enjoy his selection here, they can be orderd as Fine Art Giclee images on Canvas or Fine Art Acid Free Paper signed and numbered by him self,  printed and framed in my Digital Print Studio. The Framing is important as well to blend with the finished image to create the right mood for the image. This service is also available in my creative framing workshop.


Peter Cleevely GCF


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