Suki Kyme

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Suki is passionate about colour and texture, trees and water, so any or all of these can be found in her art work.

Suki hasn't settled for any one particular style, which varies from figurative, through semi-abstract, to abstract. Nor does she use only one medium. Having started with watercolour/gouache, and found she needed more variety, she moved onto acrylics. From there it was a short distance to mixed media, which continually absorbs and challenges her.

The starting point is an idea that excites or interests her and the work develops organically from there, with adjustments made to her original idea in response to what is happening on the paper or canvas.

The place Suki paints in is her playroom, rather than a studio! This fact also colours all she does in it and probably shows often in the finished results.

Suki exhibits her work locally and is a member of several local societies and groups.

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