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Update 30 May 2014:  You can now follow me on Twitter:  twitter@Auriol Luckhurst.

News update: 19th May 2014 I have been profiled by the BucksBerksOxon Gardian and will appear in issue number 35. They saw my pictures in bgallery and made contact with me.
I have a stall at a local popular classic car event on Bank Holiday Monday (Bearsted, Kent). I will be displaying my range of classic car paintings for sale and hoping to receive a commission or two.

23 Jan 2014: ATTENTION! New Pictures, lower prices! Check out my profile page and let me know what you think. Life seriously interrupted my painting last year, but I did feature in several local exhibitions, and completed a commission to be given as a Christmas present. I am now preparing to start painting a new batch of pictures for sale. My favourite medium is still watercolour but some subjects are more suitable for acrylics. I enjoy using both. Please feel free to let me know your preferences in subject, medium and size. I am fairly flexible and enjoy interaction with interested parties."
Auriol is a self- taught artist with the support of books, DVD’s and experience.
She has developed a passion for colour and detail, beginning with watercolours, which she believes will always be her first love, but she wanted to try other mediums as well. So far, she has come to enjoy doing pen and wash drawings and currently she is experimenting with acrylics which have the wide scope she needs to satisfy her curiosity search for challenge. Auriol senses there will be no ending to the experience. The subjects that she focuses on, mainly range from landscapes and waterscapes to buildings within busy scenes and classic cars. She concentrates on colour, tone and most of all interest in the form of surprise or curiosity.

Auriol's paintings are mainly set in Kent, a county where she was born and presently lives. However, she particularly likes the scenery in Hampshire and Dorset and frequently strays over the Kent border into Sussex. Boats and water scenes appeal and she frequently feels a pull to the River Medway which flows through Kent into the estuary by the Isle of Sheppey. Its journey through pretty villages, country towns and ancient sites provide much inspiration for an artist. In accepting a challenge Auriol was once required to paint a classic car and after that painted several. For some reason she has yet to paint her own classic car!

Auriol began painting approximately 7 years ago, about the time of her retirement from employment. She had been working as a guide at Leeds Castle in Kent at that time and during her duties there had become inspired by the eclectic collection of pictures displayed within its walls. They included the old masters, the impressionists and some wildlife paintings commissioned by the last private owner of the castle. Her first interest was in the medieval tapestries which she enjoyed researching and that led to the paintings which she also researched.

From childhood she recalls that she always had an interest in drawing and colouring but never had the opportunity to explore further than the occasional art class at school. Her life’s journey has taken her to different countries and through a multitude of experiences and types of employment, and later in life a return to the love of words and the English language. Auriol completed a correspondence course in writing and was taken on as a freelance journalist by her local regional newspaper editor. She expanded on this by writing short fiction and factual illustrated articles which were frequently accepted by national publications. During this time she taught herself the basics of photography with the help of the staff of her local camera shop where she had purchased the necessary 35mm camera for producing publishable pictures. Some of those pictures have more recently been the inspiration for some of her paintings. This period of her life ended when she re-married and took on two step-daughters full-time. There was no time to even think about painting until she retired.