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AMVO designs encapsulates all of Alison’s current design and artwork products, including her beautiful handmade personalised guest memory books for any special occasion ‘1 day 2 remember’ and her exhibition ‘sample’ and ‘bespoke’ hand painted canvas wall art. 

Currently living in Letchworth Garden City,  Hertfordshire, Alison Orton is a self taught artist who regards each and every piece of work as a great challenge and a labour of love. Her interior design skills and experience are a combination of natural flair and ability from an early age, to obtaining a City & Guilds certificate in Design and Craft.

Alison’s wall art is mainly abstract in style. She uses quality stretched canvases and the finest acrylic paints, texturing media and embellishments. When working on commission pieces, it is not just the wall that the artwork is going to be hung on that is important to her. She regards the whole room as her canvas and is able to plan spaces effectively for the function of the room and harmonise light, colours and textures.

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