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Heloise Toop is a portrait painter, based in Cambridge, available to undertake commissions.She works in Acrylic or Oil paint, on both large and small scales depending on requirements. Drawings are also available. Passionate about portraiture, she studied at The Heatherleys School of Fine Art in Chelsea. She went on to win both the annual school prize, and the public vote for best painting in the Outsider Arts Exhibition, Cambridge.She was also exhibited at the Mall Galleries, London, whilst still a sixth form student.

Heloise has carried out many successful commissions of children, adults and professionals including the actor Jan Uddin and Big Brother winner Brian Belo. Existing paintings are available to view by appointment, and any questions are welcomed.

An oil on canvas starts at £500

An acrylic on canvas starts at £350

Framed drawings start at £150

More than one person per portrait will cost more.

Please contact Heloise for an accurate quote.

"Faces have always fascinated me above everything else. I was always scribbling the expressions of my parents and sisters when I was young and preferring to doodle at school than concentrate on the subject at hand. In my mid teens I became very interested in the Pre Raphaelites and began seeking out portraits in galleries which radiated the same beauty, elegance and glow, determined to try to create something so beautiful myself. I started painting faces seriously during my A levels, undertaking a few commissions and holding some exhibitions. My painting 'Young Man' was chosen to be exhibited at the Mall Galleries, London, when I was Seventeen.

"After I finished school I spent a couple of years painting and travelling where the colours and atmosphere of places like South America and Europe became a part of me that had to be included in my work. My colours became more vibrant and my compositions more bold.

"After travelling I struggled to find an art college that shared my passion for portraiture but finally found my sanctuary in the 'Heatherleys School of Fine Art' in Chelsea, London. There I had the privilege of painting lots of different people from life, and the guidance of some wonderful tutors. There, my portrait 'Circle of Friends' won the Schools 2007 prize for a three figure composition. I finished my two year course in portraiture in May 2008 and from then on I have concentrated almost purely on capturing people through the medium of paint."