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Gillian Hunt is a Macro Photographic Artist living and working in Perthshire.

Person statement (followed by Bio)

As a child amongst nature I found a land full of magic lit with incredible peace and joy. I found a place of belonging where there is no judgement, no pressure and no time limits and without realising a place where the rest of the world falls gently into place. This 'communing' with nature has continued into my adult life and I spent time every single day out amongst the flora and fauna that surrounds where I live . . . either just being amongst it, or studying it, or, when the time is right - photographing it.

I have now found that through my photographic art I can actually re-create the feeling of congruence and magic I first experienced as a child and now I want to lead people down to the bottom of their garden and introduce them to that magic teach them how to look at the light and the shade and perhaps allow them time to find their own congruence for a time whilst they are involved in my images.

Full Bio available on my website . . .

Faerie Ballet - the work . . .

Faerie Ballet - A Year in a Day in the Secret Life of the Faeries

Ever wondered what the Faeries get up to at the bottom of the garden? Well maybe this panel will shed a little 'light' and magic onto that very subject.

These images, photographed over three years at various locations and at various times throughout the day, depict Faeries in the ‘Ballet’ of their lives.

I have grouped the images loosely in order of the Faerie seasons as well as the corresponding Faerie times of the day -

Images 1-5 Late Winter into Spring and Pre Dawn into Early Morning,
Images 6-11 Summer and Afternoon,
Images 12-16 Late Summer into Early Autumn and Late afternoon into Early Evening,
Images 16-20 Winter and Night.

Each image has a title, but . . .

The title merely suggest what you may see
Imagination is the key!

To see what the images look like double mounted (external mount size is 40cmx40cm) Please scroll down to the final image - image 21 - thank you.

VERY IMPORTANT - These images are all GICLEE LIMITED EDITION PRINTS  and each print has a run of 21 images and is signed on the front and numbered on the back.