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Doreen Adams

“I happily spent my childhood exploring and connecting with nature. I currently reside in Belgium. ‘Today’s kids are increasingly disconnected from the natural world,’ says child advocacy expert Richard Louv and author of Last Child in the Woods. Through my art I want to reacquaint our children and ourselves with nature and the power of imagination. Adding imagination to our lives liberates us from many of our limitations. In 2004 I was introduced to the ancient art of mosaics.

After extensive research of techniques and materials I gravitated to a Venetian glass called ‘smalti.’ Drawn to its luminosity and vivid colors, I began using the Direct Method to assemble an image, the technique of cutting, laying and gluing the tesserae directly onto a substrate. Combining my nostalgia for the past, my fascination with nature, my painstaking and instinctual attention to detail and the challenge of making each piece work towards the complete work, I ignited a new found passion and experienced instant success.

Alice in Wonderland must be one of the most celebrated children’s stories of all time written 150 years ago it remains popular to this day. My intent is to finish the series by 2015 which will be the 150th anniversary of this literary masterpiece, to maintain my level of commitment and desire and in doing so continue to delight my audience from beginning to end.

My vision to lend a fresh contemporary approach to the characters without losing the feel of time and place, present a colorful fantasy in keeping with the authors original intent. In our world of hustle and bustle and constant bombardment of technology art demands that you slow down and be patient.”