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 Penelope Paige
Satchwell Contemporary Art Studio

I am originally from Alexandria, Virginia. I grew up in Old Town Alexandria. I lived in the John Carlyle mansion. My grandmother was the curator. Due to being a military wife I moved around a lot. I ended up in Watertown, NY. I lived there for over 10 years. I moved a few years after my husband passed away in 2009.

This is where my story begins......

When I first started painting I literally painted all day every day for a year in my garage when I lived in Watertown, NY.  I would put six to ten canvases on the garage floor. I would paint through the wee hours of the night. I would sleep for a few hours. I would get back up and do it all over again. In the summer time I transformed my drive way and back yard into studio space.

A few years after my husband passed away I relocated to Seneca Falls, NY. Now my studio is in a barn. I have no heat. In the winter time, it can get very cold. In the summer time it gets very hot. I love painting in my barn; it is truly a wonderful place to be.

I have adopted a variety of techniques that have become a signature part of my work. I unleash these methods as needed. Many people think that drip painting or abstract painting is little more than “throwing” paint on a canvas. In reality, it is harder than it looks. In creating my paintings I allow myself to respond authentically to my materials. What transpires during the process is between the canvas and I. Lacking the need for much certainty in my life: I am inspired to create art that is risky, subversive, and edgy. Sometimes my work is suggestive or spontaneous, but it’s never uncomplicated. Uncertainty is the essential, inevitable ingredient for creating something that you never thought you could create. I do not use brushes. I use sticks or whatever I happen to find laying around my barn.

My paintings are clearly not for everyone. I do not paint for commercial appeal. I do not follow the latest trends. My pieces are unique, dynamic, and emotionally charged, which I believe are vital aspects of true works of art. My paintings are sought after, and supported, by a growing number of private clients who are emotionally moved and physically drawn to them. My art is bursting with imagination, vibrant with life and a true expression of my passion. They are living proof of who I am and what I am feeling at that moment. My paintings seize a moment in time and capture it on canvas. The canvas is the only place where I feel perfectly happy and at home. The canvas keeps me connected with someone who will live forever in my heart and soul. He is in every painting. He is in every swirl and splash of paint. For me, painting is as natural as breathing. The canvas accepts me for who I am. It accepts my shortcomings, mistakes, Scottish temper and all of my neurotic tendencies.

My paintings are shown and collected both nationally and internationally. I have a master’s degree in psychology. I have no formal training in art. What you see on the canvas comes from my imagination and pure love of painting. If you are moved by the work you see here, are interested in purchasing a particular piece or would like a studio tour, send me an email,

Penelope Paige