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Painting vs Digital

Dex Hannon is a multi-media artist based in the UK. He is one part of the Broken Toy Company, an art collective with a twist. 4 artists-One mind.

Painting vs Digital – Retro-Futurism – Digital Remixing

Dex Hannon is creating a series of paintings called ‘The Chaos-Agriculture series’. An abstracted, geometrical examination of humanity’s attempt to move forward, whilst holding onto our past. We want the future but are unwilling to let go of our traditions.

Using radical geometry and abstracted form to create that tension between past and future. the known (shape) and the unknown (abstract).

Each painting, when completed did not feel like the end of the journey, the painting became not the ending but a part of the journey…

… he photographs the paintings at various stages, he uses these when he re-work the paintings digitally.

Or as he calls it, ‘Digitally Remixing’.

Taking apart the original painting, the new work takes one of three paths;

  1. a re-imagining the original paintings concept
  2. turn the original paintings concept on its head, for an oppositional response
  3. create a completely new piece, using only the bones (linear quality) of the original painting.

Digital vs Painting. Past vs future. He calls it Retro-Futurism*.

We want the future, but not at the cost of our past.

*not to be confused with the movement Retrofuturism