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Ralph Taylor

Ralph now resides in the Fife, Scotland a short distance from the Forth Rail and Road Bridges, and from his birthplace of Rosyth.

Ralph settled in Fife in 2006, after some 40 years of residence in different places around Scotland, where he worked as a minister of religion and then as a teacher of philosophy and world religions. He now paints as a vocation, and is inspired by the beauty of his surroundings - natural and structural.
Ralph's artwork is a vibrant and eclectic mix , Landscape, Seascape and Abstract Art.

His favoured medium is acrylic. He also uses pastel. This variety ensures that Ralph's work is always fresh and original.

Ralph has never been to art-school and has not received professional training. His work is organic and comes from his heart. He has a unique and insightful appreciation of his locale. He has a real love for the beautiful colours of the Scottish landscape. All this makes his work feel familiar yet stirring to the viewer.

Ralph hopes that his work will remain interesting to the viewer for years to come, revealing new aspects and invoking fresh senses each day. Above all, he aims to bring joy to the observer of his paintings. He invites you to continue to visit this site from time to time, and perhaps purchase a work or two. As one regular visitor to his own website has said:

“...you never know when you might find something for that other bare wall...” Although Ralph is a Scottish artist he paints and delivers artwork for clients throughout the UK having painted for people in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. He has also sold a number of paintings in the United States of America. In fact he is happy to deliver anywhere France, Germany, Holland and Further.