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I am is a self taught sculptor living in the West of Scotland I have sold and exhibited my work locally and internationally for the last 20 years, producing portrait, figurative and sports' sculptures to commission, selling through galleries and also privately. I work in various clays, terracotta and earthenware, producing 3D figurative and portrait sculptures. All pieces of this work are individually unique.
I am also a highly skilled “bas-relief” sculptor. This is where a sculpture is built from a flat surface that creates a three dimensional appearance on a two dimensional plane, thereby producing very beautiful portrait and figurative sculptures. This is an art that goes back to Greek and Roman times which I have adapted to a modern theme. This very skilled art form requires the artist to have a great understanding of perspective, raising the clay from the surface and bringing the subject to life. This means it can take weeks to produce a sculpture.
I then create a silicone mould from the clay original, where the sculpture is encased in a structure and the silicone is poured over it and left to set. When the silicone mould is peeled off, an impression with every minute detail from the original clay artwork is left in the silicone.
Resin mixed with bronze powder and a brown pigment is then poured into the silicone mould and left to set. Once set, the cast is burnished, bringing the bronze out on the surface of the resin, which produce's a bonded bronze resin cast of the sculpture, this is a versatile process where different effects can be produced using different metallic powders and pigments.
My bas-relief framed sculpture art is now taking up most of my time as it becomes evermore popular producing beautiful and unique art for the public.