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Four Galleries of Inspiration
We are blessed to know, support and work with many talented artists

We believe the beauty of art is that it takes many forms. From modern abstracts to traditional watercolours, photography to screen prints, sculpture to wall hung glass, textiles to mosaics and much more in-between, our galleries celebrate a multitude of fine art for visitors to enjoy. Determined to stay at the forefront of the exciting world of art, we are always looking for new talent and represent hundreds of  independent artists who could be the stars of tomorrow.

We are also suppliers of some of the worlds’ most collectable and successful published artists including Rolf Harris and Kerry Darlington. We know all our independent artists personally and have long-standing relationships with them and publishers, allowing us to offer our customers a knowledgeable service. Exhibitions change regularly and new artists join us all the time, so the only way to really see all that we have to offer is to keep visiting us!

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