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In Rust we trusted

This is a digital remix of the painting 'Rusted Revolutions'. A reflection of the death of the revolutionary spirit. What have we lost when the last real revolutionary left us? Interspersing found images of Che Guevara with my own photography to create a vision of radical geometric revolution. Using the original painting as the starting point, photographs and found images the painting is deconstructed and recreated using digital software. Re-imagined or remixing it. Dex Hannon created a series of paintings called 'The Chaos-Agriculture series' it is an examination of humanity's attempt to move forward whilst holding onto the past. We want the future but are unwilling to let go of our traditions. Using radical geometry and abstracted form to create that tension between past and future. the known (shape) and the unknown (abstract). The work then demanded an evolution. The painting became not the ending but a beginning... ...during the creation of the painting he photographed it at various stages, using these photographs he then completely reconstructs it digitally. Or as he calls it, 'digitally remixing' it.

Size guide: 100cm x 50cm

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